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Hippocratic Horizons Clinic in London, UK

Hippocratic Horizons Clinic in London, UK, is the first clinic of medical cannabis treatments founded by patients for patients. We are also the first clinic to offer both medical cannabis and CBD consultations.

Why People Trust Us

Affordable Treatments

We believe that nobody can be deprived access to such an important therapy due to high medical costs thus we offer the best prices possible.

Top quality of Patient Care

We are mindful of the value of the medical cannabis therapies and we are devoted to offering the best patient care among all medical cannabis clinics in Europe.

Anthropocentric Mentality

We take pride in our compassionate prescribing, putting the patient’s holistic wellbeing first.

Holistic therapy

We have structured our services in a way that you get most of their value through a period of follow up adjustments to your treatment to provide you the optimum therapy. We are also uniquely offer both THC and CBD consultations.

Our Main Service

Consultations on medical cannabis (THC) and the CBD nutritional supplement of cannabis.

Our Facilities

Our state of the art top facilities, both online and off line, ensure a comfortable and friendly environment, ready to welcome you at any time!

Our Location

24-26 St Thomas Street, Keats House, London Bridge, SE1 9RS, London

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Book your Initial Consultation on the date and time that’s convenient for you and will reach out to you for confirmation.


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We Employ the Latest cannabis science

Medical cannabis treatments (THC) are not available for everyone as it is an unlicensed controlled drug with eligibility criteria. It is suggested as a last resort therapy after traditional treatments.

The nutritional supplement CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, offers significant benefits. CBD is considered a safe nutritional supplement for all conditions. 

Call us at 020 3773 7823 to book your appointment  with one of our experts.

Our specialists




Surgeon Glukeria Pantazi

Note : If your condition can’t be treated by one of our specialists, we will find the right specialist for you.

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

Enjoy the benefits of cannabis in your life with the support of the field’s leading experts!


24-26 St Thomas Street, Keats House,
London Bridge, SE1 9RS, London

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